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Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware & Equipment

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Battery Eliminator

Price: 1.00 - 10.00 INR/Piece

All Products Use In Physics Lab...

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Round Bottom Flask

Price: 250ml - 456/- INR/Piece

This flask shape is also more resistant to fracturing under vacuum, as a sphere more evenly distributes stress across its surface. Round-bottom flasks are often used to contain chemical reactions run by chemists, especially for reflux set-ups and laboratory-scale synthesis.

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Beaker Glass & Plastic

Price: - 100.00 INR/Piece

A beaker is a cylindrical container used to store, mix and heat liquids in laboratories. Most are made of glass, but other non-corrosive materials, such as metal and heat-resistant plastic, are also used. Beakers usually have a flat bottoms and a lip around the top.

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Meter Bridge

Price: - 25.00 INR/Piece

All Products Is In Physics Lab...

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Human Skeleton & Torso

Price: 1.00 - 5.00 INR/Piece

Most critical organs are housed within the trunk or torso.

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Measuring Cylinder Glass & Plastic

Price: 100ml - 81/- INR/Piece

A graduated cylinder, also known as measuring cylinder or mixing cylinder is a common piece of laboratory equipment used to measure the volume of a liquid. It has a narrow cylindrical shape. Each marked line on the graduated cylinder represents the amount of liquid that has been measured.

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Conical Flask Glass

Price: 101 INR/Piece

Conical flasks are widely used in chemistry laboratories for holding liquids and mixing them by swirling. A conical flask is a container typically...

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Volumetric Flask

Price: 250ml - 125/- INR/Piece

A volumetric flask (measuring flask or graduated flask) is a piece of laboratory apparatus, a type of laboratory flask, calibrated to contain a precise volume at a certain temperature. Volumetric flasks are used for precise dilutions and preparation of standard solutions.

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Test Tube Glass

Price: 870/- Per Box INR/Box

Test tubes are widely used by chemists to handle chemicals, especially for qualitative experiments and assays. Their spherical bottom and vertical sides reduce mass loss when pouring, make them easier to wash out, and allow convenient monitoring of the contents.

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Laboratory Chemicals

Price: 1.00 - 5.00 INR/Bottle

Laboratory Farniture , Equipments And Glassware


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